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SafePet Doormat - Traps Dirt Instantly (Ultra Absorbent Microfibre Chenille)

SafePet Doormat - Traps Dirt Instantly (Ultra Absorbent Microfibre Chenille)

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"It's like having a mega-absorbent sponge for your pet's paws, so they don't track dirt into your house!"


The SafePet Grubby Paw Doormat is like a sponge, quickly soaking up water, dirt, and mud so your floors, furniture, and home stay clean and dry! No more mess on your floors!

• Each of the super absorbent “noodles” in the SafePet Grubby Paw Mat are made from millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together, that soak up to 7X its weight in muddy mess and water.

• Get ready to say goodbye to dirty paws and hello to squeaky clean floors! Our Safe Pet Grubby Paw Doormat boasts a whopping 50% more Microfiber Chenille "noodles" per inch than the competition, resulting in DOUBLE the dirt, water, mud, and mess absorption. Keep your home clean and hygienic for longer with this ultra-absorbent doormat!

• Rapid microfibre drying properties allow this mat to dry 10X faster than regular mats (avoid drenched mats for good!)

• Velvety-soft and gentle chenille fabric make these mats softer and more luxurious under delicate paws and bellies.

• Super Gripper non-slip backing ensures it stays in place (no matter the size of your dog).

• Machine washable for super easy, stress-free cleaning.

• Protect your floors, furniture, car seats and home from grubby paw prints with this versatile all-in-one mat!

                      • USE ON: Use just about anywhere! It's more than just a doormat - use them in cars, crates, garages, under food and water bowls, after baths, and more!

                      100% money-back guarantee.

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