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Doggy Seat Belt (2 Belts In One)

Doggy Seat Belt (2 Belts In One)

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Traveling with a pack? This double seat belt is perfect for securing all your pets in the back seat for a safe road trip.

  • Keeping Safe and Comfortable --- This double dual dog seatbelt helps to ensure the safety of your two pets as well as prevent you from distracting when driving. Besides, it’s effective to focus your two dogs to sit, stand, lie down comfortably or reach to see out the window but keep the dogs from jumping around in the car and stops them trying to jump over into the front seat.
  • Well-made and Special Design --- Designed with the inverted Y piece, there are two elastic nylon bungee straps being linked to a seat belt clip with a ring, this 2 in 1 No-Tangle dog seat belt helps keep two dogs separated, not twist into each other. Also, the reflective stitching design makes it great for night use. The elastic bungee helps dogs prevent jerking with a sudden movement.
  • Universal Fitting for Different Vehicles --- This dog seat belt for cars designed with a width of 0.82 inches belt clip, which can be plugged into most vehicles seat belt receptacles.
  • Adjustable Length --- With buckle on the straps and the elastic bungee inside, this two-seat belts can be adjusted from 20 inches to 28 inches and can be stretched to 32 inches for the maximum length. Good adjustable length so the dogs can get themselves comfy without restricting themselves.
  • Easy to Use --- The dog seat belt can be clipped into the car seat belt buckle easily and you can fasten it onto the dog's harness via the metal quick release buckle. The two alloy swivel snap is attached on each of the elastic straps, it’s suitable to connect with the dog harness or dog collar stably.
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